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4 definitions by Jim Smith

The act of milking a male prostate with ones tongue.
Jim's du bois technique brought chills down Larry's spine.
by Jim Smith June 06, 2003
Somebody who runs after, panting and barking, a culture they have no chance of really joining or understanding just to be trendy.
A wigger is a culture dog.
Anybody named Buffy who talks about the plight of the native people of Peru while sipping a latte is a culture dog.
by Jim Smith July 23, 2004
See wendy. A sub-genre of rock music played by Wendys. It pretends to be all 'Hammer of the Gods' but is in fact rather lightweight.
Brighton garage rock band "7 & 7 is" are the groundbreaking pioneers of WendyRock.
by Jim Smith November 12, 2003
a general purpose obscenity for describing a fucking idiot.
That guy is such a nob donkey!
by Jim Smith May 05, 2004