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Someone that cannot spell Midget Ninja...yes its Spelled N I N J A
Whats a Midget Ninga? Oh, Some dummy Spelled Ninja with a G!
by Jim Reed June 09, 2006
A girl or Gay Guy that is very desperate to find a mate that she/he asks multiple men on a date and takes the first one that bites.
"If you hurry you have a real good chance wth Kessley, Shes been Cocksharking for a week now!"
by Jim Reed May 06, 2006
The Fold of Gut that hangs over someones pants when they have had 1,000 too many doughnuts.
That guy should wear a bigger shirt so we cant see his Meat shelf.
by Jim Reed May 06, 2006
A Homosexual Male Vagina
Wow that guy sounds real gay.
Yeah He prob takes it in the gaynus
by Jim Reed June 07, 2006
The Kick Ass Kung Fu Style of Chuck Norris.
I wouldn't mess with him, He knows Chuck Fu!
by Jim Reed June 02, 2006
Very bad teeth, Possibly due to not brushing, Flossing..ECT,
OMG! Did you see that guys Yuk Mouth. He prob Chews Tobacco.
by Jim Reed May 31, 2006
A girl that has no ass.
A Back that leads to Legs.
My God, she has a flat ass.
You Mean she has Blegs!
by Jim Reed May 31, 2006
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