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1. A nickname of a Christian-Millenialist church founded in modern times in 1830; said nickname coming from a book in their canon of scriptures.
2. An adherent of the above named church; possessing a comprehensive belief and social system; some general ones being belief in the trinity, but not in a triune God (Augustinian concept), rejection of Original Sin per se, (another Augustinian concept), belief in many degrees of glory in heaven, that all who have ever lived on earth will have a chance to be saved, and rejection of pointed ears & pitchforks in hell (a medieval concept).
3. Sometimes overly zealous and impetuous collectively, i.e. Mormon(s), and not always wise in that they don't follow the teachings of their prophet Joseph Smith more closely.
Can the members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints honestly say that they are any closer today than 150 years ago in accomplishing what the Lord commanded them to do?
by Jim Preston March 15, 2005

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