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1337 Speak has its roots much earlier than days of the internet. Telegraph operators used many of the common 1337 words seen today when sending messages in morse code. It made messages much shorter and faster to send via telegrapy. Some common words used by telegraphers that crept into 1337 speak: you: u; are: r; are you: ru; yours: urs; See you again; cuagn; before b4; See you later: cul; good morning: gm; good evening: ge; back to you: btu; weather: wx; old man: om; young lady: yl; wife: xyl; hear: hr; good: gud; pause: bt; from: fm; today: 2day; and: es; Farenheit: f; temperature: temp; degrees: deg
Typical morse code transmission by a ham radio operator using what is now condidered 1337 speak:
hi om bt gud to hr fm u 2day bt wx hr warm es sunny bt temp hr 46 deg f bt so btu john
by Jim Pope January 15, 2007

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