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to put a fist pounding and a boot kicking beating on a guy them smash him over the head with a trash can. No guns or knives involved just an old time well deserved beatin' extravaganza
That fuck got a an old time, garbage can involved, well deserved beatin last night. It was some kinda good old fashion beating it was...that fuck
by Jim Pigeon July 26, 2007
Extremely drunk. Hence falling down and getting rocks in your boots.
He was so drunk at the ranch last night that he went flying over the fence then wiped out in the gravel mudpile and awoke the next morning with rocks in his boots.
He was bootrocked
by Jim Pigeon July 18, 2008
an outta style man's leather boot that has a high heal and pointy toes that is worn by homosexual men in gay clubs
Chech out that fruit in the sprayed on white slacks wearing his high healed pousti boots...
by jim pigeon December 01, 2010
To beat someone so bad they are only left with their basic human and life functions.
I'm going to beat the fuck out of you so bad that you'll be sent "back to the essence" of your life.
by Jim Pigeon March 16, 2013
A polite way of insulting a person without them knowing.
I was in the office Monday morning at which time I ran into my boss Karl who is a real asshole. I then said to him "How ya doing Karl you handsome bastard". Dummy didn'y even realize I was insulting him..
by jim pigeon January 11, 2013
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