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when you go out and get drunk with your buddies, with the thought of acid in the background of your mind. then y'alll arrive back to the pad, and y'all take some acid and feel hella fucked up.
Dude1: dude we should get some JIB
dude2: yeah that sound like pretty cool thing to do while were drunk.
dude3: yeah lets do it
dude4: Nah fuck that shit i got acid lets get tinkerbell'd
by Jim Mor April 02, 2011
The state of mind that your in when your under the influence of cough syrup, or any other substance.
Kid One-Dude whats up with matias kid being hella trobbed lately.
Kid Two- Nah hes just havin a blast
by jim mor May 14, 2010
After sticking your dick into a pussy, along with the exiting of the pus, along come that beautiful shimmer of gloss... Pussy Gloss,
Dude 1: Hey man, oh what i'd give get my dick covered in Nacys gloss.
Dude 2: I've been there once and let me tell ya, My dick Was Hella Pussy Gloss'd.
by Jim Mor July 02, 2011
someone who understand the nesscaery needs to enjoy youtube at the most
Dude1: matias is always on the internet what's up with that.
dude2: what do you mean
dude1: he's always on that youtube
Dude2: nah man he's just a youtube guy
by jim mor November 06, 2010
When a female is overweight but it is in a very attractive way,
Dude 1 - Hey matias, Cindy is starting too look really fat,
Dude 2 - Yeah but she's so fine, and she ain't just fat she nigger Fat
by jim mor August 29, 2013
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