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Someone who types this to a girls myspace pic
School Boy Bitch-what it is girl!? you got cho stunaz on, you got cho thizz face... kinda goin on lol, you got cho gang sign all thrown up, youz a gansta!! look at cho bad self! oooo and damn girl, youz even got cho self a twinkle in them shades, youz pimpn fa sho. do tha damn thing chell, do the damn. looks like youz was holdin it down on that ship, doin it real big. i see you i see you, fa sho fa sho. haha nah but on the real, you be lookin hecka cute in this pic, youz a dime piece fa sho :) much love to ya (T.A. girl definitely T.A.)
by Jim Mast June 13, 2008

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