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A college of class, sportmanship, and unity. A college that has always been united, not just from the horrible shootings that took place. It is a college that can easily compete with UVA in any subject or activity handed to it. Tech has a good football team, that we can brag about. People are aloud to be cocky, but according to UVA its all we do. But when UVA preps want to get cocky about how much money their mommy and daddy have, its okay. Cause UVA is so much better than tech. The day that statement is true is the day hell freezes over.

Virginia Tech is the best school in Virginia!
UVA kid: "My mom bought me these $300 sunglasses"

Virginia Tech kid: "Who cares!? Go to tell you're little friends."
by Jim Locusen July 10, 2008

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