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a fascist dictator responsible for the destruction of Yugoslavia and leading the Serbian people to disaster. He caused the rapes of over a million women, the deaths of thousands of men and children, the establishment of WWII-style concentration camps and more atrocities not seen in over 40 years. His genocidal policies took the lives of many just because they used the "wrong" alphabet, spoke the "wrong" language or practiced the "wrong" religion. He claimed he was "defending" Serbia and the Orthodox faith. Yeah, right. He was an asshole anti-Christ for the late 20th century. He died earlier this year. May he rot in hell forever.
Slobodan Milosevic was a smaller-scale Hitler.
by Jim Jupiter June 22, 2006
the worst rock band to ever score a #1 hit. Screechy singing, sloppy and derivative guitar playing, cock rock lyrics, shitty songs, cliches - everything about them just plain sucks.
I saw Mr. Big as an opening act for Rush in 1990 and boy did they ever ess you cee kay. They were so awful most of the people on the grounds got up and went underneath the bleachers until the 45 minute set was up. We all remarked about how extreme the band was in their flat-out suckability. They were the worst band I had ever seen in my life. Rush came on stage after that and rocked the house, like I knew they would. Mr. Big sucks out the ass. Big time.
by Jim Jupiter June 23, 2006
1. a derogatory term for homosexual.

2. in the vocabulary of the immature and ignorant, a term used for anyone they don't like -whether the subject is really gay or not. To such people, all people not like them are "liberals" or "fags".

3. in earlier times, to smoke
1. Donald: Greg Bottle is a fag.
Pete: If you call him a fag, he will beat your ass!

2. Anna: Bruce Springsteen and John McCain are liberal fags!
Erica: That just shows your high-school mentality.
You remind me of some punk-ass brat I knew in first grade that called everyone a "motherfucker". He had no idea what the word meant. Grow up and shut up!

3. Aaron: Mrs. Pinklon was fagging on them cigarets in the gym again.
by Jim Jupiter June 21, 2006

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