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To either

a) Eat, or feast upon


b) Suck off somebody
a) Look at you there, noshing off those 'nanas
b) He was in a bush, receiving a nosh off
by Jim hender June 11, 2008
Said by Geordies when something good happens.
Direct Translation:"Fucking Right"
usually has like or man on the end of it.
Ah'm goin doon toon for stotties an beans like. Fockin reet man.
Fockin reet like.
by Jim Hender September 06, 2007
Can be spelt P4rTii H4t if you are a serious faggot
It is either:
a) A condom
b) A hat that you are wearing at a party, possibly as a joke.
Person A: "You look like a cunt"
Person B: "Stop berating me, it's a party hat you stupid faggot.
Person A: "Just take it off!"
Person B: "Fuck you, you gaylord
by Jim Hender May 04, 2008
A person who enjoys a relationship involving scat.
"Man I met this chick who was really fine but when I brought her back to my apartment, I found out she was a complete turd gobbler! She tried to lick out my anus!"

"I hope nobody notices me gobbling these turds. If the truth gets out I'll be seen as a complete Turd Gobbler"
by Jim Hender December 13, 2007
The real name of rapper Fifty Cent
ND: "Mate 50 Cent is my Favourite Rapper"
Jim: Moar Leik 50 Bent Lol"
by Jim Hender November 10, 2007

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