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n. a person who has no personal beliefs, strengths nor is he willing to take a stand for any cause.
v.t. limpdicking...the practice of having no personal strengths or beliefs.
Bill Clinton is a limpdick because he vacillates in ideology depending upon popular consensus and polls.
by Jim Hauff August 01, 2003
n. the condition one finds oneself in when naturally imbued with strong idealistic beliefs, which must be totally submerged in order to "get ahead" politically. 2. The feeling of utter despair when one realizes that they have submerged all that they consider to be worthwhile, only to co-exist with a more powerful force.
When faced with total political anihilation by his opponents, Rick Gephart found the only way to remain viable was to give in to the hyperbole and soon after experience the terrible itch of algorismia.
by Jim Hauff August 01, 2003
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