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3 definitions by Jim Flourish

Irish name for your asshole, where gick comes from.
Wow, I really over did that spicy food yesterday, my gick pipe's ON FIRE.
by Jim Flourish August 25, 2006
10 2
To be really, REALLY drunk. Dublin slang.

Comes from 'skutters', to 'have the skutters' which is to have the the shits, diarrhea, the squirts etc.

I was absolutely fucking SKUTTERED last night....again!
by Jim Flourish August 28, 2006
4 2
Dublin slang. Pronounced 'who-er's mank', fanny batter from the gee of a manky whore.
I had to get out of that dump, it smelled worse that a bucket of whore's mank.
by Jim Flourish August 24, 2006
4 3