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70s and 80s Canadian Rock-Metal band consisting of 3 members: vocalist/guitarist Rik Emmett, bass guitarist/keyboardist Mike Levine and vocalist/drummer Gil Moore. Probably most well known for their songs "Lay it on the Line" and "Fight the Good Fight", The members of Triumph also conquered the art of arena rock and received the influential Performance Magazine's "Innovators of the Year" award in 1981 for the unique way they changed the arena rock landscape. Using state of the art pyrotechnics and light shows, Triumph's awesome shows became their defining feature.
After the bands formation in Toronto in 1975, the band released its first album in 1976 and several records have been released since that time. No brand new records have been made in the last couple years, but Triumph still remains strong and recently released the Triumph Anthology. Triumph can still be heard on the air waves on Classic Rock and Modern Rock stations, and their fan base remains loyal even today.
Perhaps not as famous of a Canadian Rock Trio as Rush, but Triumph's Heavy 80s Metal Sound still remains today.
by Jim E. Junk July 18, 2006
Phrase where you don't really care what happens, you're just glad it's not you who has to do the said person's task.
DUDE 1: My Mom wants me to go on a diet where I have to eat only lemons and cabbage and drink only prune juice.
DUDE 2: Good luck with that. (Thinking: Haha! Loser!)
by Jim E. Junk May 02, 2006
Excuse for the most embarrasing acts one can do. Often ends with: at the time of the fight, mooning, streaking, gay orgy, party, chumba wumba dance, felching, belching, farting, public Defecation, vomiting, monkey licking, pole humping, and the list goes on and on. Sometimes said as: I'll have you know that me and: the monkey, sasquatch, your girlfriend, or monkey sasquatch girlfriend, were both drunk at the time. If you're a recovering alcoholic, don't use it after you beat the crap out of a liquor store owner.
I'll have you know that I was drunk at the time of the floor buffer incident.
by Jim E. Junk March 06, 2006
A person who takes a monstrous dump in a public bathroom and doesn't flush. Usually there is a posse of poopers like this (a Brick Layer's union) who will build an unflushable wall of turds. This is mainly done to offend people and piss them and the janitor off.
I was going to take a shit at the Dollar General crapper, but a bunch of brick layers had been there and clogged the toilet up. I admired their pile and wished I could lay such a brick but sadly, I haven't had a solid turd in years.
by Jim E. Junk April 22, 2006
That creepy bastard who never got married and scares the shit out of other family members. He usually has a unibrow, 1970s style big glasses, a toupee, and is really short. Often seduces young children and makes movies of the experience in his basement. Also known as the black Sheep in some cases
When I was but a wee lad, my Weird Uncle Andre took me to a baseball game. Then he took me home and made a video of me naked with a monkey in his basement. I rather enjoyed it then, but now I'm as scared as hell of that sick bastard...well, at least I was before he got sent to prison and gangbanged.
by Jim E. Junk May 01, 2006
Song by Led Zeppelin that rocks. However, it never once mentions "black dog". Probably named so because of the afore-mentioned definition. So I guess it makes you feel like that. Or because Robert Plant was on crack. That crazy bastard.
Led Zeppelin was cool. Black dog was cool too. I love your Mom.
by Jim E. Junk March 10, 2006
Someone who looks at alot of free porn pictures, copies and pastes the pictures, and then never goes back and looks at them. Instead they just look at more porn and repeat the process. Taken from Pack Rat.
"I'm a porn rat. I ran out of memory on my computer because I have 1,674 pictures of free porn that I never look at."
by Jim E. Junk March 09, 2006

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