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2 definitions by Jim Domeyer

n. someone or something that constantly fucks people over or causes them trouble.

n. a troubling situation.

v. to fuck someone over (Technically called "to nut squeeze". Past tense "nut squeezed" )
1) "Jordan is a nut squeezer!"

2) "Man, I have a 5 page essay to write by next period, this is a real nut squeezer."

3) "Jordan really nut squeezed me last night when he told the cops where I live."
by Jim Domeyer September 23, 2007
1.n. a homosexual Indian
2.n. a fruity Native American
3.adj. describing or being a gay Indian

A friend of mine's older brother heard the term "baredak" in school one day in history class. they were discussing Sitting Bull and the battle of Little Big Horn.
The student sitting next to him cried out, "Wansn't he a baredak?".
My friend's brother then decided to spread the word.
Man, that guy is such a BAREDAK.

That was quite a BAREDAK comment.

by Jim Domeyer September 08, 2007