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5 definitions by Jim & Todd

When a batter hits a single and then steals second base.
Hernandez completes the Puerto Rican Double with that theft of second.
by Jim & Todd August 29, 2007
When a batter swings and his bat slips out of his hands propelling the bat into the stands.
Some lucky fan just got a fantastic souveneir after that Polish Home Run by Pena.
by Jim & Todd August 29, 2007
When a batter fouls a ball back behind the screen or net into the stands.
Johnson remains at the plate after hitting a Chinese Home Run on a 2-2 count.
by Jim & Todd August 29, 2007
Any infield hit. (Preferably a bunt single)
Barnes just couldn't muster any power on that swing, but still managed to eek out a Portuguese Home Run to drive in the tying run.
by Jim & Todd August 29, 2007
When a pitcher comes into a game really hung over from the night before and throws a wild pitch.
Looks like Wells had a hell of a night last night. That's his third Irish Strike of the inning.
by Jim & Todd August 29, 2007