11 definitions by Jim Reed

A Prescription Drug that makes you lose your ass.

It gives you Blegs!
That girl has Blegs. Shes been taking Noassatall!
by Jim Reed May 31, 2006
Someone that has very bad breath. It can be fixed by gum or mints unless you have a yuk mouth.
Hey Buddy, got any Gum? I got a bad case of the Yuk Breath.
by Jim Reed May 31, 2006
Spaghetti o's that have ketchup and tomato paste added instead of sauce.
Really Bad Spaghetti!
Spaghetti-o's?....that nasty shit is more like Spaghetto-o's
by Jim Reed May 24, 2006
Having No Ass.
When your ass and Legs are blended together.
Wow she has a flat ass!
Ass? No My Friend, She has Blegs!
by Jim Reed June 09, 2006
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