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A state of pure confusuison. Emocrombie kids will usually have friends in the "Preppy" and "Emo" crowd. They're socail status usually changes with their mood and they usually listen to a lot of music such a Mayday Parade, Jimmy Eat World and Armor For Sleep. The Emocrombie kids usually are in a weird point in their life's not knowing who they are yet

Emocrombie kids could also be trulley sad inside, but they are too afraid to show it so they constantly wear clothes such as Abercrombie and Hollister to avoid questions because they are too sick of answering them. The "crombie" part could be just a cover up for the "emo" part.

Emocrombie kids are often called posers when they finally tell somebody their feelings. They are called posers because everybody around them either thinks they are extermley happy, or the other people are busy being too sad for themselves. EMOCROMBIE KIDS ARE USUALLY NOT POSERS!!!

***Emocrombie's are often called posers so don't make them crawl back into their shells if they tell you they are feeling sad. DONT CALL THEM POSERS! Emocrombie is just a confused point in life***
Sue wears a bright-pink shirt to school, but she feels very sad inside, she feels "EMOCROMBIE"

Jill wears mainly Abercrombie and Hollister, but colored her hair differently and expressed herself, but was then called a poser for an emo kid. Jill gets even sadder.

Jack usually wears Hollister but decides to express himself so he tells Bob he's feeling sad, but Bob laughs. Bob decides that Jack is just jokeing and walks away while Jack is left to pull up his hoodie and feel very confused.
by Jillianna April 14, 2008

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