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80's jeans I never want to see any of you wearing on purpose.
*See: whitetrash women's clothing accessories for one-hundred, bob
by jilladelphia* January 18, 2004
Term used to describe anyone with the last name Chapman, who is venturing on the wild side.
Whoa. That Brad..he's a Chapmanimal.

Debbie went Chapmanimal over her uncle's new icecream flavour.
by Jilladelphia* October 17, 2003
Western University's largest residence, known also as the Zoo, inhabiting 1250 residents annually. Known on David Letterman's top 10 list as the number one residence to get laid in North America. I lived there ;).
Go team, the Geeners are proud of their wholehearted contribution to beer bonging olympics.
by Jilladelphia* October 17, 2003
what everyone should say whenever i enter a room, in reference to my abundantly fun and flavour-filled existence.
" Whoa...it's J catt... the party's here."
by Jilladelphia* October 17, 2003
to have an erect penile instrumataneous.
Holy sh*t, Ethel! Look at Barry's popweasel!
by Jilladelphia* October 15, 2003
three university students making sexual innuendo like it's their job.
see also: jilladelphia, ben-jammin, #
I'm aboutta triple(#) team yo ass!
by Jilladelphia* October 17, 2003
1. One who is hobbling old man -style. 2. That kid who sucks at sports.
3. Someone who is impaired by injury, or the like.
Jimmy's all gimped up... he got his @$$ kicked by that group of gimped up midgets outside 7-11.
by Jilladelphia* October 15, 2003
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