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A tree dwelling member of the weasel family, known for its exquisite fur. They hunt squirrels.
Imagine a chocolate brown mink (or ferret). Now make the snout and ears a little longer and pointier. Lengthen the legs and tail too. It looks a little foxy. Now, imagine it running through tree branches like a squirrel -- only faster. This is the squirrel munching marten. It is in the same family as the mink and the ferret, it is not a "fox cat".
by Jill Gibb July 04, 2006
Commonly called a "polecat", but, the fitch is not a cat, and neither is it a skunk (which is also called a "polecat"). The fitch is the wild ancestor of the (domesticated) ferret.
I sure am glad someone decided to try to tame a fitch 10,000 years ago, because I just love my sweet little ferret.
by Jill Gibb June 08, 2006
A ferret owner, breeder, expert or enthusiast.
If you're really thinking about getting a ferret, talk to Jill Gibb, she's a real ferretor.
by Jill Gibb May 11, 2006
A South American tree-dwelling member of the weasel family, related to ferrets, martens, and fishers. Like most weasels, they are great fighters, but also easy to tame if raised from infancy.
Jaguars can't climb fast enough, or high enough (smaller branches) to catch a tayra. Even the smaller cats aren't fast enough, but if one were to sneak up on a sleeping tayra in the treetops, it would probably become the tayra's meal!
by Jill Gibb December 08, 2006
A guy who is always hunting for a good looking woman to fuck.
Snipes became a photographer because he is such a foxhound.
by Jill Gibb May 11, 2006
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