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In Baldur's Gate II, there was an elaborate way to set up cheat codes. One had to go into the baldur.ini file, and in a specific place (I don't remember exactly where) type "debugmode=1". Once one did this, the cheat code console, CLUA, could be accessed in the game. If one, using the create any item code, typed in "Killsw01," one would obtain a sword with the same graphics as the +2 Longsword and the same description as the Varscona blade. However, this particular sword did at least 1000 damage from each of the energy types, was a +20 weapon, gave +50 to AC, and 100% magic resistance. In short, the sword you use when you just want to get past something without taking the time to fight it properly, or if you've played the game a million times and just want to watch bodies fly apart.
Makes me wonder how quick Demogorgon would die if hit by the Killsword...
by Jilikar May 09, 2007

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