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The act of behaving like a bastard towards your partner, who you want to break up with but dont acctually have the guts to do. the idea is, if you behave like enough of an arsehole to you partner, eventually they will break up with you sparing you from acctually having to do it yourself. Usually purportrated by men but women however are not exempt from doing this either.
"hey where is Glen? I havn't seen him with you lately?"

"he wont return my calls and he is behaving like a real jerk for no reason lately. I think he is attempting a bastard break up."
by Jikella February 13, 2010
Normally found in Australia at festivals, on the side of the road, at a bus stop or in the middle of the desert. One of a pair of thongs, the most common of all Australian footwear and always there is only one... No one ever knows where the other one is. Common Australian beleif is that every now and then a thong gets sent back through space and time as an exchange for all the socks that dissapear...
"hey Brendon what is that you are wearing on your hand?"
"its a superfluous thong I just found over by that beer tent"
by Jikella September 30, 2009
cross between munted and demented. the way you feel after a big weekend with very little sleep and lots of mind-altering substances. when you get to the demented side of munted...
"so messed up right now"
"yeah I'm demunted..."
by Jikella September 14, 2009

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