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A form of oral sex involving the positioning of the penis at a minimum 30 degree angle in the mouth, causing it to rub against the check of the blowjob administrator. The only reliable way to determine the success of a Cheek Job is to have an independent third party to observe and confirm that the penis is visibly bobbing back and forth in the mouth of the blowjob provider.
Cheek jobs are most prevalent two demographic groups: (1) younger teenagers that are inexperienced with blowjobs (and where the blowjob concerns a large penis); (2) For couples (but most usually men) who want to assess that they are 'actually' receiving a blowjob by monitoring the progress in a mirror, or through home made porn.
by Jiggle Swami May 24, 2014
An affectionate name for cocaine.
"Hey man, I am done partying -- I'm off to bed."

"No dude, lets crack out the White Jesus."
by Jiggle Swami December 22, 2011
When a girl gives you money for drinks on a date, and you sneak it back into her bag.
"I'm not cheap! When she put $20 on the table, I wanted til she went to the washroom and packpocketed her!."
by Jiggle Swami July 18, 2014
A singular term loosely meaning victimhood -- especially by a person of authority from ‘the system’, such as a police officer. The word is racially neutral and is based on the British idiom "the royal 'we'", which is commonly used in the phrase: "We are not amused".

Although also rooted in the racist term "nigger", the royal nigga refers to the concept of being placed at a disadvantage and made to feel like an African American during the time of slavery.
No bro, I meant the royal nigga.
by Jiggle Swami October 13, 2010
An affectionate term to refer to alcohol and its ability to earn you friends and make women like you.
"Hey man, I really like that chick, but I don't know how to take it to the next level."
"Sounds like you need to talk to Grandpa Alcohol."
by Jiggle Swami September 14, 2011
A word frequently used in Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and China that translates roughly to the English word "asshole". The main difference being that atthow is not necessarily an insult and can simply be a method of referring to a person or an object, when the speaker has limited English skills.
"Hey atthow, you need taxi?" ;

"You bad man, you atthow." ;

"You pay money bad man. You pay money atthow."
by Jiggle Swami September 14, 2011
A self-reinforcing pattern of speech common in third world countries where the respondent answers every question with "yes", even when the correct answer is "no". The Yes Vortex can be almost impossible to leave as the respondent tries harder and harder to please the questioner by answering in the affirmative.
A typical yes vortex can be as follows:

Question: "You guys don't have any ice tea, do you?"
Answer: "Yes."
Question: "Do you mean, 'yes you do'; or 'no you don't'?"
Answer:" "Yes."
Question: "No I am asking if you do, or you don't."
Answer: "Yes."
by Jiggle Swami September 14, 2011

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