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A form of flatulence resulting from the consumption of a large quantity of fast food hamburgers and ketchup. Typically, a ketchup fart will have an odor similar to the fast food hamburger and ketchup before their consumption; those that smell a ketchup fart are often disturbed by this fact.
Jared celebrated his birthday by pounding a super size double quarter pounder with cheese value meal with extra ketchup. Later that night, while impersonating the semen demon for Jessica, Jared let out a ketchup fart, ruining the moment.
#catsup fart #hamburger fart #meat sweats #fast food fart #flatulence
by JiggaroniSalad September 20, 2012
A heavenly biscuit occurs when a man copulates with a pregnant woman ("bun in the oven") that has a yeast infection. The intercourse involves so much yeast that a chunky "halo" is revealed, circling the outermost point of penetration on the man's penis.
Jeff was really excited that this pregnant chick was DTF, but he sorely disappointed after he realized he was a victim of the heavenly biscuit.
#pregnant #yeast infection #bun in the oven #std #morning after
by JiggaroniSalad August 05, 2012
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