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4 definitions by Jigga Jerm

Geographically specific driving loop Utilized for the smoking of the Marijuana blunt on a beautiful day. This loop usually takes up the perfect amount of time to smoke a blunt, and provides you with backroad privacy to avoid pigs
Me- Herman, its so nice out i dont wanna just smoke gravity bongs in the basement all day.

Herman-Lets go on a blunt ride... paradise lake loop sound good?

Me-Hell yea man i love that loop, just enough time for a fatty, and we never see piggies
by Jigga Jerm April 27, 2006
159 64
Worthless Drug Addict. Person who gives up on life. This person focuses mainly on, obtaining and consuming ANY drug they can get their hands on. They spend every cent, that they somehow scheme, To Get FUCKED up with any substance possible. This person fronts money they dont have,They steal from little kids, and they Always ask their "freinds" to Bum a cigarette ALL THE TIME...fuckin Junkbox...Trouble in any Crew..
Fuckin Ronnie the Junkbox owes me twenty bucks, but i know ill never get it... shit last i heard of him he was tweakin out in the corner...
by Jigga Jerm April 26, 2006
40 7
Reminding a person who is smoking your pot, to refrain to the almost universal 2 hit rule. ie Puff Puff. Which is Generally followed by a pass of the blunt to the smokers left hand side, depending upon your sypher .
(JAMAL.. Cheifing on the blunt)-DAMN This Chronick Got me Toe UP! **puffs**

ME- Yo Motha Fucka Stay Fams!! The blunt aint a microphone...PASS THAT SHIT!!
by Jigga Jerm April 27, 2006
11 4
Another name for the course traveled during the blunt ride, used when speaking in front of parents, pigs...etc
Josh-yo are we going to go on that blunt ride now?

Me- Shut the Fuck up josh, my moms in the other room, if she asks what you were talking about just say its a driving loop..
by Jigga Jerm April 27, 2006
5 3