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The phrase most often uttered by users of windows, especially Vista. Often there is an obscenity interjected within this statement.
Look! I got another update for vista that screwed my computer up! I hate Windows! I'm gonna go get a Mac!
by Jiefu January 08, 2009
(Orig. Vista + mistake)What you create when you upgrade your OS buy a new computer with a Vista. This often leads to a Visache
Dude! What a Vistake! I can't believe you changed your Operating System to Vista!
by Jiefu July 10, 2008
The message you receive any time you attempt to install hardware or software to Windows Vista. This is correctable by replacing your computer or Operating System.
"There are Known Compatibility Issues with the software. It does not work with any other hardware or software." This is the message that should appear prior to installation of Vista.
by Jiefu July 10, 2008
(Orig. Vista + headache) What you get from constantly trying to get Vista to work.
Dude, I've got such a mean Visache! All week long I have been trying to get my computer to work after installing Vista!
by Jiefu July 10, 2008

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