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Slang term for Cannabis, most commonly the exotic type commonly called "Exos"

When one asks, "Do you want to Kopple some Jiburbs" what they are really asking is "Do you want to smoke some Marijuana?"

To Kopple simply means to smoke.

Others Spellings of Jiburbs:
Tam: "Wana Kopple some Jiburbs man?"

Jim: "Me and Josh just Koppled some Jiburbs"
by Jiburbs August 29, 2009
Simply means to smoke Jiburbs ( Cannabis )

The word Kopple can only be used when used with the word Jiburbs.

For example:


"Lets Kopple some Jiburbs"


"Lets Kopple some weed"
Mat: "Hey Marc, do you want to Kopple some Jiburbs with me and George?"
Marc: "Yea man i would enjoy a smoke with you guys."
by Jiburbs August 29, 2009

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