4 definitions by Jibs

Taken from the movie "Training Day," a fake police code for sex.
Me and Mike fucked Daphne CODE X last night!
by Jibs December 18, 2004
An acronym that stands for "No-Strings-Attached Craigslist Encounter." This refers to a short-term sexual relationship intiated through the Craigslist classified ads.
I've got a hot NSACLE tonight.
by Jibs August 28, 2004
The Apartment of Irony, a hilarious and unfortunately discontinued web comic.
Hay mang, did you see the new AOI?
by Jibs May 17, 2005
When Jon starts acting all crazy at work, jumping off the walls and shit.
Don't let him have that smoothie or he's gonna go rabid beaver.
by Jibs September 08, 2004

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