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A small town in Delta, BC. One of the last gang-free havens of white people and nice forested areas that aren't filled with dead rape victims (like the forests of Surrey) in Greater Vancouver. You can generally roam the streets at 3 am in relative safety as the only crime frequenting the town is dumpster fires.

Outsider's see Ladner as a farm town because several farms exist to the east and to the south. Of course Ladnarians are known for embracing their farmer image through such actions as growing ridiculous dirty beards, not washing their hands until they get crusty and turn brown, entering stores without shoes and wearing wife-beaters around town. A typical Saturday night for the average Ladnarian consists of either hitting up The Landing Pub and associating with local retards or leaving Ladner to go someplace else. There are a few nice restaurants, however, including the renowned La Belle Auberge as well as Taverna Gorgona and Sharkey's (Greek and seafood at their finest).

Beside Ladner Leisure Centre, the local aquatic and fitness centre, you can find loads of rabbits that are the size of small dogs as well as potheads hanging at the skate park. There is not much in Ladner so it is really what you make of it.
Guy from Ladner: "I love the little forested area in the back of my house and the fact that its so serene when I go in there to blaze."

Guy from Surrey: "Shit man, I stay out of the forested area near my house. You never know what sort of corpses you will find in there. And it's not serene. I hear screams coming from deep in there every night."

Guy with dirty hands as though he's just come from working in the fields (even though he's a student): "Hey wanna go light dumpster fires in Ladner tonight?"

Guy 2: "Sure, first we can go to pick up some tampons from Save On Foods in our wife-beaters and soak them in lighter fluid."

Ladner Girl: "Hey what do you wanna do tonight?"

Ladner Girl 2: "Well we could go to Vancouver or Richmond or even Surrey... Come to think of it, there is probably more going on in Tsawwassen even."
by Jibblety Jiblits March 06, 2011
Inevitable consequences of an action that almost exactly mirror the action which brought these consequences about. They usually happen soon or almost immediately after the original event occurred.

Guy 1: "Did you hear that Heraldo fired his housekeeper for not speaking english well enough and got canned himself the next day for being an illegal immigrant?"

Guy 2: "Really? Must've been precise karma."


Guy: "Precise karma is the worst. The other day I borrowed Derek's water bottle so I could backwash into it and give it back to him. I didn't realize that it was actually a bottle full of spit... He's trying to lose weight for wrestling."
by Jibblety Jiblits March 06, 2011
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