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To have a wank whilst watching porn with a beer bottle in your spare hand.
I maxxed out my Grolsh Penis combo last sat. I split it all over the carpet: messy...
by Jibber June 06, 2005
To have a posh wank with a Durex extra safe. Known thus due to the noise that you will make.
I got busted twice last nite crumpling the carrier bag, shocker.
by Jibber June 06, 2005
A lucky or deflected table football goal, usually of the scabby nature.
Orig. Takes its name from Chai Patel, master of the above goal.
That goal was such a chai..
by Jibber April 18, 2005
A dyke. A lesbian. Originates from the smell of anchovies that often exudes from the vagina of an andovian scale-sucker.
No way is she straight dude, she's proper rank, a real Andover Anchovy Afficionado.
by Jibber June 06, 2005
the coolest MxO Player ever!
damn...jibber is cool!!
by jibber March 18, 2005
A lesbian (pronounced vaj hag). The term is a popular abbreviation of vagina hag.
Whereas the word Lesbian may have positive connotations (www.welivetogether.com), Vag hag is most certainly derrogatory. See Andover Anchovy Afficionado
OMG she is such a vag hag, you can smell the kippers from a mile.
by Jibber June 06, 2005

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