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1) A person who subscribes to AOL service. This does not necessarily apply to AIMers.
2) An epithet, used to describe someone typing in all caps and/or with no regard for spelling or grammar. May or may not subscribe to AOL service. May or may not display the maturity level of a pre-pubescent ignoramus.
by JiaXue September 15, 2003
A frightfully common way of speech that has no lower case letters, and no formal guidelines for grammar or spelling. Commonly used by AOLers. A variant of n00bspeak.

(Do not confuse with the more structured and less annoying L33Tspeak)

Stop that fucking AOL speak, dumbass.
by JiaXue September 15, 2003
The Windows of the message board world. Make of that what you will.
Man, this EZboard has more ads than Tripod!
by JiaXue October 31, 2003
The word noobs use to insult other noobs to try and pretend they aren't noobs themselves.
u r teh noobzor lol
by JiaXue November 23, 2003
A band that is compared to Incubus by people who don't actually know anything about either band.
Hoobastank owns you all.
by JiaXue November 23, 2003
(I'm not sure if that pronunciation is correct, that's just how I hear it in my head)

The one of blue who has been drawn in poorly, der hero of save the world. His companion for his adventure of length and also difficulty is of being der Slime.
Good luck der hero of Loto!!!!!!!!!!
by JiaXue October 02, 2004
Someone who uses a macintosh and thinks they're the greatest things ever. Usually doesn't know a damn thing about computers.
That mac-jack has every piece of mac compatible software and it can't even fill his harddrive.
by JiaXue November 24, 2003

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