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State of being. It mostly occurs when people are talking about (or to) some serious noob-ass wannabe.
-I own you with my lv 60 Runescape account.
Omg, you're so not to be!
by Jhonssens January 13, 2008
(noun, pl: Triple-V's)Mosty occurs when poaple want to describe an old an evil-minded woman. A stereotypical triple-V can often be found working at your local high school, as an english teacher. A triple-V usually whines for small issues.
-Omfg, check that woman out, she's really tacke, old, probably evil minded, omg omg, I'm glad I don't know her.

Me to, she's a real triple-V.
by Jhonssens January 23, 2008
-The stuff coming out of a bulls ass
`The Iraqi people have got weapons of mass destruction!`
-`Oh no, that is bullshit`
by Jhonssens November 21, 2007
-(noun, pl: Yassins)Commonly used for a guy, who seems to be rich, but living in the local junkyard. He also usually hangs out with rich kiddies with small penises to fool other people into thinking he's rich. The type that'd marry a Shaniqua.

-(verb) To totally screw up a situation/Turning small issues into seriously big problems.
-Hey dude, that guy must be very rich, check out his expensive clothes!!
...NOT, he's just al Yassin, he probably stole those things.

-Oh damn, did you see him assassinate his teacher after he got his results for his show-and-tell?
Sure, he totally Yassined that situation.
by Jhonssens January 12, 2008
-(noun)Guy looking rich, but in fact he lives in the local junkyard.
-Hey dude, that guy must be very rich, check out his expensive clothes!!
...NOT, he's just a Yassin, he probably stole those things.
by Jhonssens January 11, 2008

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