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A term made popular when reddit user "Furies" asked an honest question whether if it's worth it to sword fight his gf dad, in Punjabi style at that?

Many users suggested various solutions ranging from getting the ferocious dad drunk and sword-fighting the fuck out of him to puss out of the situation and end the relationship. Although some users pointed out that brown dads love to troll like no other and its no fuckin big deal. Blind in love, retard white boy hinted at taking sword fighting lessons.

As of now, we have no clue if the silly white boy is alive or dead. He might have already won the heart of the sword dad by winning the fight. Or he could be--let's just say the crazy dad made a fuck curry outta him.

Whatever the outcome is, he already sword fought his daughter and won. She liked it.
White Boy 1: My girlfriend Nisha wants me to meet her parents.

White boy 2: Yo better watch out. Her dad might wanna "Punjabi Style Sword Fight" your ass.
by Jhonny Walker April 13, 2011
a derogatory term used by people in the USA and UK to refer to people from India.
Steven: Dude, why this guy is showing off for no good?
Raz: Yo, these khatris have a misconception that they are the coolest..lol..haven't you watched all those ripped off and crappy Bollywood movies!?
by Jhonny Walker July 10, 2008

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