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Related to but not exactly like word salad. Tendency to speak rapidly and excitedly with an urgency not clear to the listener. Often the words get run together and are difficult to understand. Exhibited by schizophrenics, bipolars in a manic stage, and anyone under severe anxiety.
Normal:"And so we went to the Triple Tree to buy a new suit."
Pressure of Speech: "And so we-ent to the Treep to buy a newt."
#word salad #pressured speech #schizophrenia #bipolar #manic
by Jhesy December 26, 2005
Spinoff of the word sarcastic. Used to describe whiny, emo teenagers who like to pretend they're emotionally scarred/tormented and have a reason to be angry at the world.
Shelby:"omfg cheerleaders suck lets go beat them up"
Rachel:"Would you stop being so scartastic?"
#see also: emo #bitchy #whiny #brat #omg
by Jhesy October 24, 2005
Otherwise known as the gay test. Go up to a boy and say "Clang clang clang!" If he answers with "Went the trolley!" and a big smile, then yeah...he's probably gay.
Lauren wanted to prove that just because Jimmy was bisexual, he was still interested in her. Unfortunately, the clang clang clang came up positive.
#gay #test #gaydar #bisexual #boyfriend
by Jhesy May 31, 2006
Was originally a type of yaoi fanfiction in which one of the male characters gets pregnant. Now used to describe something that creeps you out.
"Hey, do you want to go visit the reptile house?"
"No way! Snakes squick me."
#yaoi #fanfiction #shonen-ai #seme #uke
by Jhesy October 24, 2005
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