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when you are eating a meal that requires cutting with a knife, but you dont have a knife, and attempt to cut it using the side of your fork. this usually results in frustration and your meal being flattened out.
Johnny: yo, whats up with your chicken? it looks like someone dropped a fat guy on it.
Bob: nah, i didnt have a knife, so i tried forkin' it.
by Jezuz Munky May 17, 2008
(pronounced pre-poop) the gas that slips out your buttcrack when you have an upset stomach, signaling that you need to take the browns to the super bowl.
bro, what did you eat for lunch? your prepoop is gonna make me puke.
by Jezuz Munky July 17, 2008
borrowing a friends car, and then usuing it to perform a jackass style stunt to see how it plays out, and if it would be safe for your car.
Bob: yo can you drive me to the store?
Joe: nah, Johnny took my car for a test drive by the railroad tracks. he said his car is busted.
Bob: i hope you have insurance
by Jezuz Munky April 19, 2008
a bullshit theory that just shows how much we like to see shit blow up
joe: how was the universe created?
bob: well, there was nothing, then it blew up and became something. its called the big bang.
joe: that sounds like the name of a fancy circle jerk
by Jezuz Munky April 19, 2008
when youre sitting in class or at work, and someone farts, and it not only stinks up the whole room, but makes everyone feel hot and sweaty.
(Bob farts)
joe: (pointing at bob's ass and laughing) call Al Gore, we have some global warming in here!
by Jezuz Munky April 19, 2008

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