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1 definition by Jewlake

An online community in which people who have no life nor friend in the real world hide behind a computer for endless hours playing a game. They play fake role playing activity's what shows their level of maturity. Habbo Hotel is monitored nearly 24-7 by habbo moderators who wish to be payed $12 an hour to be loved for once in their life by little kiddies.

The hotel is also managed by sulake staff that work in HQ's around the globe, their part in habbo hotel is advertising and making sure young teenagers say the love them so they can take advantage of them and make them spend heaps and heaps on money for a hang out for cock heads.

Then you have a fan site called habbos.net that supports the hangout for cocks as well, they are dick heads accept for andrew charlie and tom see mining the do not spend endless hours on habbo hotel. Habbo's uses habbos.net to chat about habbo events and to chat. The site is leasing into favoritisms and as legionnaire! said

Habbos.net is a popularity contest. Unfortunately for you, you're losing. On a brighter note, you're winning at failing at life. Claps4u.

That sums it up habbo hotel is a hang out for cock heads if you hate it then www.jewlake.com
Example of maturity:

Habbo2: You want to have sex?
Habbo3: You look sexy.
Habbo4: asl.
Habbo5: Habbo isnt a game its life.
by Jewlake May 09, 2008