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Quite simply put, the epitome of awkward. He has a strange egg shaped head, talks a great deal about cars, his dogs, and how many shots he takes when he drinks. Its possible that he has reached his twenties and never had coitus, let alone have a serious relationship with a girl. In large social situations, he often spends time with a look confusion painted upon his egg shaped face and keeps to himself, only entering the conversation when the topic of cars arises. It is quite likely that he suffers from small dick syndrome, but remember girls, its not the size of the boat that matters, but the motion of the ocean.
Have you seen Evan lately?

Yes. That boy was so awkward I would rather sit through a 2 hour detailed conversation on the likes and dislikes of my parents sexual preferences then sit next to him again.

It was that bad?

I went into the situation with my highest expectation of the night being ok. My expectations were sadly low, and I was still disappointed. He was so disinterested I am beginning to think he just likes boys.
by Jetta Hater June 30, 2010

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