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1. a complete loser
2. a complete retard
3. tells the lamest jokes ever
4. always think he's so sexy, but the truth is that he hasn't seen what real good looking guys are supposed to look like
5. has the worst personality ever.
6. loves bagging and insulting people, but it never works.
7. didn't stop his sis/friend from killing jojo
8. try hard
1. you're such a jet
2. what a jet!!
3. you acted like a jet just then!! what a lame joke!!
4. omg...only a jet would say that
5. your personality is worst than jet's
6. hahhahaa.....your insults are like jet's
7. you are as cruel as jet!!
8. im sure u can think of one yourself
by Jet_biggest loser ever September 29, 2006

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