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1. America's cowboy approach to life.
2. The total disregard for any human life while chasing imperialistic fantasies.
3. When someone in the Army likes what they're doing(killing civilians etc.. in the name of "freedom")
4. Those bumper stickers on the backs of peoples cars
5. Racial Stereotyping terrorists and "trouble makers" that threaten the New World Order and the American Empire.
6. General censorship of things that do not agree with the American way of life with a "yeehaw" type attitude.
Oi! They thought Communism and Terrorism was bad, the real fear should be Yeehaw-Americanism and American Imperialism! Oi!
by Jesusatan November 04, 2005
1. Balls that are overly sized and make a sound that goes 'blblblbboughgblbl'
2. Massive balls
Nice blalls man! looks like a pink couch!
by Jesusatan August 28, 2003
1. What mark p's penis is called when it is hard
whoa mark has another super erection!
by Jesusatan August 28, 2003
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