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"I Luh Da Pussy" is quite possibly the greatest hip hop song in history, surpassing anything written by the great rapper Tupac Shakur.
"I Luh Da Pussy" is written by rapper Alpa Chino and is featured in the blockbuster smash hit "Tropic Thunder".
Ben: What's the number 1 hip hop song of all time?
Jared: Dude, it's gotta be I Luh Da Pussy.
Ben: Fuck ya, that's exactly what I was thinking.
by JesusMcGyver January 07, 2009
A superbowlgasm occurs when a big play happens and you make a noise similar to that of an orgasm. A superbowlgasm often includes loud moaning and possibly animal-like noises.
When Larry Fitzgerald ran one home towards the end of the 4th, Paul had a massive Superbowlgasm that woke the neighbors up.
by JesusMcGyver February 01, 2009
A strange word for a handjob, often involving a gentle finger tickle on the shaft of a penis.
Hannah gave me a dick tickle last night and I almost farted because I laughed so hard!
by JesusMcGyver January 07, 2009
A tea bag where the balls are gently rolled along the object.
I rollie balled Janet and got sweat all over her forehead.
by JesusMcGyver January 07, 2009

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