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Norwegian word for dick
Pikken din er liten(Your dick is small)
by Jesus of suburbia March 22, 2005
The Greatest place in Norway and possibly the world. The people are cool and great at CS and Battlefield. Some of the chicks are hot too.
Peolpe from Narvik are good at photoshopping prono of famous people.
Stian lives in Narvik.
The girls in Narvik have the greatest asses in the world.
Naikon is from Narvik.
by Jesus of suburbia March 22, 2005
Another word for vagina. Used by people who are clearly virgins.
Matthew: Yeah, I saw her poontang!
Kaitlyn: You're clearly a virgin, Matthew.
by jesus of suburbia December 23, 2014
The most Über Hardware site in Norway.
It's forum has over 60 000 users nd almost 10 000 are actually using the forum.
Ueland is Cool.
So is Snowdog_
by Jesus of Suburbia April 01, 2005

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