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someone obssessed with the Bible. Not always a bad thing, but commonly looked down upon in today's society.
Man 1: Did you see Joe? He is such a religaholic!
Man 2: Why? What did he say?
Man 1: He tried to tell me how to get to heaven and about Jesus Christ.
Man 2: And you think that's bad?
Man 1: Not you, too!!!
by Jesus Loves You February 19, 2006
Music that tries to be different than any other music while somehow managing to sound like every other indie rock song out there.
It's not that I don't listen to indie rock. All my friends are obsessed with it, and I just can't stand it. It all sounds so whiny and I don't know why. Backtrack instead of fastforward....discover something new that's old!!!! Losers like indie.
by Jesus loves you March 20, 2006
Someone following the beliefs taught in the King James Bible. In no way related to Catholicism, AT ALL! It is not a protestant religion in the fact that protestants come from the catholic church as seperatists. The baptists are the first church started (I. E.- John the Baptist). Believe in salvation by prayer and the Lord's forgiveness, not works. Commonly stick to themselves, buy occassionaly form alliances (I. E.- world Baptist Association.
Man 1: What faith are you?
Man 2: Baptist.
Man 1: Oh, so you're protestant?
Man 2: No! I'm Baptist!!!
by Jesus Loves You February 19, 2006
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