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3 definitions by Jesus Prairie Dogg

1) whiskers, such as a moustache or a beard, that are made out of shit particles

2) whiskers or hairs that grow out of a piece of human or animal shit
Henry: Hey Benny, when you get a second, look to your right and check out that guy's disgusting beard.

Benny: Damn Henry, it looks like that guy has been washing his face with his mother's asshole. The dude has a serious collection of shit whiskers huh.

"I forgot to pick up my dog's shit while i was walking him yesterday and when i walked by it today, the turd had some serious shit whiskers growing out of it"
by Jesus Prairie Dogg December 31, 2009
4 0
1. A German Sheperd that enjoys the cock of fellow bloodhound.

2. One who herds sheep in Germany and performs sexual acts on male counterparts.
1. Glenn: Hey Wesley, its nice to see you and your dog Spiffy. How old is that Gay German Sheperd of yours anyways? I bought him a new pink sweater.

Wesley: Thanks Glenn, he's 4 yrs old now. Pink is his favorite color.

2. Before he became an asshole dictator Adolf Hitler was actually a gay german sheperd. His favorite sheep, Hanz used to love the feeling of his little half moustace on his german sheep cock when Adolf used to blow him.
by Jesus Prairie Dogg January 11, 2010
5 13
1) A penis that breathes fire or throws flames from its hole

2) When a human being has an actual dragon for a cock. Piss is shot out of the dragon's mouth.

3) The cock of a dragon.
Vladimir: Hey Geoff, check out my cock, its doing some weird shit.

Geoff: Holy shit bro, that thing has red flames coming out of it. You've got a dragon dick.


"I'm so embarassed to change in the lockerroom after Yoga since i have this gross, scaley dragon dick hanging off the front of me"
by Jesus Prairie Dogg December 29, 2009
9 22