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Someone who puts a song on an album describing his emotion for a girl which emphasizes how great he is.
Man 1: Put songs on that album that are about her and how you feel towards her, you know?

Man 2: Oh. So like the song "Lucky You"?

Man: Wow. You Self Conceided Prick!
by Jesus M. Christ November 25, 2007
A sex act where a woman is laying flat on her chest while a man is having anal sex with her. Then he has to put both his hands secured in a place he can grasp on to the woman. He the procides, as he is in "action", to whisper in the woman's ear "I have Aids". If proformed correctly, the woman will try to shake the man off her by trying to jump up. The man shood try to stay on for the full effect. Don't use unless you plan to break up with the girl.
I pulled the Bucking Bronco on her and she practically jumped out the window!
by Jesus M. Christ November 25, 2007
An afro hair cut. Very Columbian. Very curly. Oh so sexy. Also, called a Velez.
What a B-Velez wannabe!
by Jesus M. Christ November 25, 2007
In Dragonforce's Through The Fire And Flames:

Timewise: 7:06-7:12

If only it was longer... sigh
Awesome Riff #1 is tight as nutsack!
by Jesus M. Christ November 25, 2007

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