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5 definitions by Jesus Hitler Christ

The pinnacle of evolution on earth.
Smart. Beautiful. Arjun Plakkat.
by Jesus Hitler Christ April 29, 2004
6 3
a euphemism for male masturbation (alt. of 'pat the boner')
Okay, man, g2g, i'm gonna pat the bonner some and then get some sleep.
by Jesus Hitler Christ April 29, 2004
15 14
One who has both masculine and feminine features, yet is still seen as attractive by one or more sex.
Perfect rack. Perfect balls. Perfect Tim Nelms.
by Jesus Hitler Christ March 16, 2004
8 9
A stupid person who is normally black and likes his women to look like gorillas
Mark: Jontel you stupid black person women shouldn't look like gorillas.

Jontel: Mark your an ignorant rascist asshole i hate you.

Greg: No he just prefers white people over black people

Mark and Greg proceed to throw bricks at Jontel telling him to leave town immediately.
by Jesus hitler christ August 05, 2012
4 11
It's an adjective that means "on fire", morons.
"That wing is flaming. Death seems imminent."
by Jesus Hitler Christ March 25, 2004
64 70