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The opposite of whatever is said after it.
She's plow fine. Actually means she's ugly.
by Jesus October 11, 2003
The act of smoking marijuana.
Hey man, do you want to moke?
by Jesus January 10, 2004
A sexually transmitted disease that's medical name is very hard to spell.
If the wind's right, she'll clap you out from a block away.
by Jesus January 17, 2003
Not Hondas.
Not Hondas.
Not Hondas.
Not Hondas.
Not Hondas.
Not Hondas.
Not Hondas.
Not Hondas.
Not Hondas.
Mx6s are not Hondas. They are not Hondas. Hondas are better.
by Jesus July 08, 2004
the year the chiness invade europe
in 2012 the red army takes other the world.
by jesus June 26, 2004
One of the greatest classic punk bands ever, but they can't play their instroments for shit. Basically, the inventors of punk rock!
They kick ass, but suck
by Jesus March 26, 2004
v., n.
When a female, during fellatio, takes the male's testicles into her mouth, allowing him to ejaculate in her hair.
Yeah, I gave that girl quite the grapefruiting.

She was grapefruiting me, and, well, I got flaccid.

She couldn't get it out of her hair for a week after that grapefruiting.
by Jesus June 18, 2004

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