256 definitions by Jesus

A hardcore mother fucker who beats the shit out of gang bangers trying to steal his car. Also known to beat up drug dealers in order to steal their stash.
"Duude, that guy was a total faggot; he's the type of guy I would have beasted on back in the day."
by Jesus August 05, 2003
A perticularly large poo, one that should it be dropped would register on the richter scale. Often used in the context of stupidity.
A: Oh my god, i cant believe you just ate that browner.

B: That guy just did a browner in my fish pond!
by jesus March 25, 2004
adj. Different useage of the word pwn.
When I go to play Couter-Strike with my hacks on, I poon noobs.
by JESUS April 14, 2005
Sensitive area, reprodcutive organs, cock, dick, tool, vagde, pussy, vagina, fellatio, vaginae, penis, willy
" well fuck my L zone "
by Jesus April 24, 2003
Something i do.
oh mate, well care
by Jesus March 22, 2004
Someone who is being stupid for the first time.
If Billy acts like a tard again, he's a retard.
by Jesus March 27, 2003
gay guy who likes anal
by Jesus June 06, 2003
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