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A style of punk, also called hardcore punk. Can also be applied to a subgenre of metal.
Black Flag would be a classic 80's thrash band, Megadeth would be thrash metal. Metallica is a group of sellout whores.
by Jesus December 08, 2003
The In-and-Out Burger is on Camrose.
Those are good burgers, Walter.
by Jesus August 05, 2003
when some faggot or a skank ass bitch has been cock punched so omany times that their face resembles a cock and a goblin at the same time....hence the name cock goblin
DAMN, that ugly fuck looks like a cock goblin
by jesus March 18, 2003
These kids don't know what a "triple s" is. They have define "The 3 S's". What triple s really means is "She Sucks Standing", meant for a short girl giving head.
Yo, I picked up this triple s last night, it was the first time in a year I haven't heard a girl complain about my carpet burning her knees.
by Jesus January 11, 2004
Elton John, an affectionate bitch
"elton john is cute"
"we know jesus, we know."
by jesus April 25, 2003
American mixed-up slang for "Pune Tang".

Traditionally describes the exoticly erotic women from Pune, India renound for their delicious sexual appetite and amazingly talented and tasty vaginas (tang).

pune tang
Lets all go to Pune kids for some tang!

Yay, Tang!!!
by Jesus October 04, 2003
A hardcore mother fucker who beats the shit out of gang bangers trying to steal his car. Also known to beat up drug dealers in order to steal their stash.
"Duude, that guy was a total faggot; he's the type of guy I would have beasted on back in the day."
by Jesus August 05, 2003
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