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The name of the band from the Cameron Crowe film "Almost Famous".
Patrick Fugit followed around the band Stillwater for his story in Rolling Stone Magazine.
by Jesus March 09, 2005
1: A pipe with the carb on the end opposite the mouthpiece, usualy long and straight, or like a curly straw.
2: To place the cherry of a blunt in your mouth, and blow as hard as you can into your friends mouth while they are sucking in.
1: Pass me that steamroller
2: You wanna try a steamroller? It will fuck your ass up
by Jesus July 09, 2004
N. 1. A multi-purspose word, commonly used in conjunction with the word Krandel(see Krandel)
N. 1. Watch closely for the chub to make its apperance.
by Jesus August 02, 2003
Some disorders can be treated through extream and extensive Zucchini treatmen. also Zucchinies are found at illegal "Zucchini parties" in which men come from all around the tri-state are and shuve Zucchinies up eachothers anus's
Joe has a milde case of ADD, no problem says docter Dan. Just bend over and you be ok in no time (Zucchini is inserted into anus and repeatedly heaved in and out)
by Jesus March 09, 2005
Mercedes Benz S500 - Luxury Car
"Sittin' in my 500 on 20's sittin' low..." ~Ginuwine
by Jesus December 02, 2004
The act of Dustin Petrovits settling in a large, rough peice of man ass.
Dustin Petrovits is a scrotum breathed, sausage smoking, butt ranching, homo-erotic cock jocky. Fuck You spick monkey!
by Jesus August 01, 2004

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