256 definitions by Jesus

1. To kick someone in the face
1. I'm gonna tell you what!
by Jesus March 18, 2005
Makes a random sentance cooler. Follow these instructions:

1. Start off with a random sentance like "So, I was walking down the street yesterday and..."

2. Add 'gore,' in a gruff, harsh voice.
So, do you remember when GORRRRRRE!
by jesus January 12, 2004
a color were you can't be seen. To blend in. A persons name.
My friend Camoflauge has a camoflauge truck, so the police can't see him ride threw the hood.
by jesus November 16, 2003
Ryan Nelis' Hair style!
Wow I hate people with PADS!
by Jesus April 23, 2003
likes to kill people and bury little kittens that he killed into shallow graves.
Im going to Hazlett you kitty.
by Jesus June 04, 2003
1.A mexican or latin person
2.An annoying person
1.That guy making my burrito is hispandex.
2.Shut your face you hispandex!
by Jesus March 18, 2005
God's gift to the world.
Oh my Fug!

Fug damnit!!
by Jesus January 17, 2005

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