256 definitions by Jesus

There was not one decent fellow among them.
Liars and blasphemers and racists and hypocrites were they all.
by Jesus April 06, 2005
handsome, or possesing handsome characteristics.
today i saw this kid, i think his style was pretty awesome, he was pretty meh
by Jesus March 17, 2005
A phrase often used by young children or homosexuals and can be replaced with "holy gollogers!" or "neato!"
by Jesus October 23, 2003
that thing i please various women with
"i please many women last night with my penis"
by jesus August 17, 2003
the ultimate highest bootifulist sex godess in ashmore park!
muz rules all ova sex god/godess 's and is the seifulist! :P
by jesus April 14, 2005
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